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Uno dei nostri sogni é sempre stato quello di viaggiare in lungo e in largo senza avere la pressione di tornare alla routine giornaliera, ma con un senso di libertà assoluto. 

Per questo motivo, abbiamo deciso di lasciare tutto e tutti e partire all'avventura alla scoperta dell'America Latina. 

Dato che questo viaggio é all'insegna della libertà, non vi é un percorso ben definito, questo sarà delineato man mano che avanzeremo, godendoci appieno il tempo e il luogo presente.






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Support Mayan indigenous women of Guatemala Featured

Diana y Lucas 12 September 2015 4417 times

Oxlajuj B’atz’/Trece Hilos/Thirteen Threads

Description and history of the organization: 

Oxlajuj B’atz (Thirteen Threads) is a non-profit indigenous women’s empowerment and non-formal education organization based in Panajachel, Guatemala. 
Thirteen Threads is constituted by 13 Maya women’s groups throughout rural Guatemala.
It has been founded by two North American benefactresses, with the aim of helping widowed women and their families, after the 36-year war and genocide that happened in Guatemala. Nowadays, the organization is entirely managed and carried on by women coming from Mayan communities in rural towns with a high rate of poverty, discrimination, lack of education, health care, political participation, and jobs. 

Objectives of the organization: 
Being an organization of Mayan craftswomen which are also entrepreneurs, they work to improve women's’ rights through educational processes, competence exchanges, technical assistance, and production activities to develop entrepreneurial skills. Additionally, another aim is to preserve the weaving tradition and its typical Mayan technique as cultural heritage, continuing to pass it on from generation to generation. 

Programs in 4 areas: 
- Handicraft and product development; 
- Democracy and Team Building;
- Health and well being; 
- Small business development 

Why did we choose Thirteen Threads? 
Thanks to a personal encounter with Lucia and Gloria, the two administrators of the organization, we sensed a great determination and enthusiasm to include more and more indigenous women in the projects, with the goal of inspire them to become independent and autonomous. We completely agree with the values and ideas ​​put forth by these women, such as: preservation of Mayan culture and tradition, respect for ideological and cultural diversity, sustainability in the economic, social, cultural, and environmental field. 

What can you do to help? 
Join us to support Thirteen Threads through these actions:

- By making a donation through the fundraising campaign, you will receive as “thank you” gift artisanal products handmade by Mayan women. 

- Share this campaign with as many people as possible, spreading the word to your friends, family, acquaintances and so on. 

Where will the donations go to? 
The entire amount will be given to support Thirteen Threads and their programs.

As a thank you gift, you will receive by mail (please provide your complete address) one or more of these beautiful items.
Shipping fees are included in the donation. For payments in USD or EUR, please contact us for the daily exchange rate. 

20 CHF - set of 4 coasters


25 CHF - purse


30 CHF - set of 3 wallets


35 CHF - colorful scarf


40 CHF - bag


50 CHF - table runner


80 CHF - wallet, scarf and bag


100 CHF - set of 3 scarves




Thank you for supporting and promoting the work and efforts of these women for a more inclusive and just Guatemalan society!

For more inormation about the organization and its projects, you can check the official website of Thirteen Threads (banner Trece Hilos/Thirteen Threads). 

For any question or clarification, you can write to vamosaway(at)gmail(dot)com

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